• Petit Cab

    Petit Cab

    An approachable cabernet sauvignon with soft tannins and aromas of cedar, tobacco, briar fruits and plum. click for more

  • Syrah


    A bold rich red wine with aromas of figs, clove, and humus with a touch of earth and black currants on the palate. click for more

  • Terra Maria

    Terra Maria

    Medium-bodied, with a bouquet of cherry and blackberry, and a smooth finish. click for more

  • Chambourcin Merlot

    Chambourcin Merlot

    A beautiful ruby hue and inviting aromas of cherry and raspberry. Smooth and sweet for easy drinking. click for more

  • Seyval-Chardonnay-Vidal


    Crisp, clean, and dry with hints of tropical fruit and herbs in the aroma. GOLD MEDAL 2016 Governor's Cup Competition click for more

  • Vidal Blanc

    Vidal Blanc

    With an alluring aroma of cantaloupe, pineapple, caramel, and orange, this wine has a semi-dry finish balanced by crisp acidity. click for more

  • Riesling


    Classic Riesling aroma of honeysuckle, citrus and apricots with a mouth-watering acidity that balances its sweetness. click for more

  • Boordy Blush

    Boordy Blush

    Aromas of fresh watermelon and strawberries, a crisp acidity and a light semi-sweet flavor. click for more

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