• White Sangria

    White Sangria

    Light and crisp with refreshing notes of tropical fruit and citrus. click for more

  • Jazz Berry

    Jazz Berry

    The pure juices of strawberries and raspberries produce a red wine with lively fruit flavors and a sweet/tart refreshing finish. click for more

  • Zinberry


    A blend of Zinfandel and blueberries…bursting with bright aromas, bold, jammy fruit flavors - with a sweet finish click for more

  • Tango Peach

    Tango Peach

    An alluring blend of peach and Moscato wine that has honeyed aromas of peach, citrus and melon with a sweet flavor and a hint of tartness. click for more

  • Viva Sangria

    Viva Sangria

    A sweet, light bodied red wine with a zesty blend of citrus and spices. click for more

  • Spiced Wassail

    Spiced Wassail

    Sweet, hearty red wine blended with spices. Serve heated to warm the soul on winter nights, or enjoy chilled over ice to refresh the spirit in summer. click for more

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