Landmark Series-
These handcrafted wines are the finest representations of vintage year, varietal character, the soil of our region and the soul of our winemaker. Made in limited quantities, the Landmark wines are sourced from 100% Maryland grown grapes, principally from Boordy's estate vineyards in the Long Green Valley of Baltimore County and South Mountain Vineyard in Frederick County. Join the Landmark Club to receive exclusive packages of Landmark wines four times a year.

Icons of Maryland-
The wines in this series are crafted with food in mind but are friendly enough to enjoy on the porch with friends. Their labels feature original engravings of iconic Maryland wildlife such as the Baltimore Oriole and the Rockfish, and symbolize Boordy's iconic stature in the history of Maryland winemaking. The grapes from our Icon wines are sourced from within Maryland and from other states.

Our “Just for Fun” series has a new name - “Sweetland Cellars” - and is sporting a bright new look! Your favorite flavors taste as delicious as ever, and of course are still produced with pride by Boordy Vineyards. We offer these six Sweetland Cellars wines in the belief that there is always a time & occasion for wine: a dinner party, a picnic, a holiday celebration, or sipping a glass on the patio. Sweetland wines are natural blends of grapes, selected fruits, and spices, and as their name suggests they have a sweet flavor. These are versatile wines that may be enjoyed in a traditional wine glass, served in a tumbler over ice, mixed to create refreshing cocktails, or – as with our Spiced Wassail – can even be warmed on a chilly winter’s night.