Our goal as winemakers is to give expression to our beautiful fruit
by producing wines of originality and personality.

Attention to detail in the winemaking process is the both the foundation of quality and the catalyst for creativity. We employ techniques such as hand sorting of grapes, precise temperature control of each fermentation, gentle gravity transfer of red fruit, extraction of color and flavor through skin contact management, extended French oak barrel aging on the yeast sediments, and many other steps critical to the transformation of grape juice into fine wine. Our state-of-the-art winery provides our remarkable vineyard and winery teams with the world-class tools they deserve.

Head winemaker, Jose Real, produces award-winning wines at Boordy.

Winemaker Jose Real Figueroa is a third-generation oenologist hailing from the birthplace of sherry, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. He has more than 20 years of experience in the wine industry, beginning in his family-owned oenological laboratory, Laboratorios M. Real. His formal training was enriched by the intergenerational transfer of knowledge gained from working with his father and grandfather in their laboratory.

Jose joined Boordy Vineyards In 2011, and over the ensuing years emerged a leader in elevating the quality and sophistication of Boordy’s wine collection. In 2023, Jose was promoted to the position of head winemaker.  Jose’s passion is to capture the soul of our vineyards in each bottle of wine.

Steve Blais, an  independent consulting enologist, provides a global perspective on our work, particularly in the art of blending.  Steve spent two decades with the consulting firm of Michele Rolland in Bordeaux and now resides in California.