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EST. 1945

COVID-19 Update: Join us this weekend!

Activities at the winery will be fluid while we are still under Covid-19 restrictions. Our Facebook and Instagram posts will have up-to-date info on activities that you can enjoy when you visit  Boordy.

Faq’s about visiting Boordy under Covid-19 restrictions:
Face masks must be worn at all times when moving about Boordy Vineyards.
You may remove your mask when you are seated at a table or seated on the lawn, however please wear your mask when interacting with Boordy staff.

Reservations are NOT required for daytime hours.
We will check your temperature when you arrive.
Visiting is outdoors only. Social distancing is necessary.

Group sizes are limited to 6 people or less.
All visitors must be 21 years or older, this includes babies and toddlers.
We may occasionally have to limit the number of visitors on our grounds in order to maintain social distancing between groups.


To make great wine is to love its home.

At Boordy Vineyards, growing and making wine is our life and our pleasure. Through decades of experience, we’ve learned how to bring out the full expression of our vineyards — to grow wines of originality and personality that are a joy to drink.

- R.B. Deford family, props
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The land is our foundation. Nature is our compass.

Exceptional fruit is not simply grown — it is coaxed from our vineyards. We work with the nuances of our terrain and immerse ourselves in the rhythms of the seasons, nourishing the land and reaping the reward.


The stage for growth.

Winter pruning at Boordy Vineyards.

Taste taking form.

Emerald shoots emerging on a Spring day at Boordy Vineyards.

Fruits of labor.

Chardonnay harvest at Boordy's Long Green Vineyard.

Only the best.

Cabernet grapes making their way through our state-of-art facility, under careful watch.

Patience that pays off.

French oak barrels aging reserve wines in our cellar.

Fruition in a glass.

A glass of our Albarino Reserve among rows of Albarino grapevines at our South Mountain Vineyard.
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