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FALL 2019







Join us this Fall in celebrating the release of our November Wine Club orders. The Food Market will be onsite preparing a selection of delicious freshly cooked dishes for all four events.

Fri. Nov 1 Music by Jay Swanson  6:00 – 9:00pm

Sat. Nov 2  Music by Jon Zorn  6:30 – 9:30pm

Fri. Nov 15  Music by Evan Cooper 6:00 – 9:00pm

Sat. Nov 16  Music by Jay Swanson  6:30 – 9:30pm

All attendance is by RSVP only. Please check your emails from our Landmark Club Manager in October to RSVP online or email This Fall invitation will be open to each member plus one guest.

Fall Wine Packages:

Mixed Wine – 
Rosé 2018
Cabernet Franc 2016
Landmark Reserve 2015

White Wine – 
Rosé 2018
Albariño 2018
Albariño Reserve 2017

Red Wine – 
Cabernet Franc 2016
Landmark Reserve 2015
Landmark Reserve 2014


UPDATE ACCOUNT INFO: Before October 31, 2019
BILLING: Friday, November 1, 2019
PICK-UP: November 1, 2019 – January 2, 2020
SHIP: Thursday, November 7, 2019


Sun drenched Chardonnay grapes ready for harvest in our South Mountain Vineyard.
Not Reserved about Chardonnay Reserve

Chardonnay, the most widely planted white wine variety in the world, may be responsible for many bland, generic wines but it also produces rare and exquisite gems that are sought out by connoisseurs.  This malleability is not a character deficit; it’s the secret to chardonnay’s appeal among winemakers.  Chardonnay could be likened to a blank canvas upon which terroir (climate & geography) leave their imprint.  Additionally, there are numerous clonal variants of chardonnay that range from high-yielding and insipid to finnicky, exotic, and flavorful. These two variables – terroir and clone – identify chardonnays from one vineyard or region to another and distinguish those which exhibit exquisite personality from the rest of the crowd.
Chardonnay is planted in both our Long Green and South Mountain vineyards.  Long Green’s cooler conditions and more fertile soils yield chardonnay with tropical and citrus aromas and a medium to light body; these grapes are dedicated to our Icon Chardonnay.  Our Chardonnay Reserve is sourced entirely from South Mountain where the growing season is longer and the soils poorer, yielding chardonnay with a more restrained aromatic profile and a mineral character which lingers on the palate. The harvest crew ducks under the trellis wires as they work down the rows, following a vein of impoverished soil where the best grapes are found.  Tedious, back breaking work, yes, but it is the key to the rich, distinctive character of this wine.
The role of winemaking is critical.  Careful blending of clonal lots and French oak barrel fermentation for six months add intrigue to both the aroma and flavor.  To avoid over-extraction of wood flavors we use barrels ranging in age from new to five years. Hand stirring of the yeast “lees” (sediments) during this period contributes a rich “bready” nuance to the wine’s palate.  Finally, we bottle age the wine for a year before release to harmonize its aromas and flavors.
An ocean of indifferent chardonnays has led to widespread fatigue among wine drinkers with this variety, but this misses the point. Chardonnay is, without a doubt, the greatest white variety in the world when grown in the right place and handled by talented winemakers. Boordy’s Chardonnay Reserve is such a wine, and a most worthy contribution to the noble legacy of this grape.

Rob Deford, president